Facts, Crafts, and Desserts on St. Patrick’s Day

Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

We have come to associate St. Patrick’s Day with the color green, clovers, eating cabbage, and drinking beer. However, the day’s origins are pretty fascinating and surprising. According to History, the annual celebration on March 17 is to honor the saint’s death. The historical site claims that the holiday has been observed by the Irish for over a millennium. This year, celebrate with these fun kid-friendly crafts and make some of these unique dessert recipes to bring to your St. Patrick’s Day parties!

Fun Fact: Do you know the original color associated with St. Patrick’s Day?

Nowadays, when we think of  St. Patrick’s Day, we think of the Chicago River being turned green and everyone wearing the bright, verdant color. However, according to Smithsonian Magazine, sky blue was the original color associated with St. Patrick’s Day.

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