Why Do We Celebrate Presidents’ Day?


The third Monday in February is known as Presidents’ Day, but do you really know why we celebrate it? According to History, the federal holiday was established in 1885 to specifically honor our nation’s first President, George Washington, whose birthday is February 22.

However, in 1971 the holiday was moved under the Uniform Monday Holiday Act to create three-day weekends. Some states consider it a celebration of both Washington and Abraham Lincoln’s birthdays, the latter was born on February 12, but in many states, the day celebrates all Presidents.

Here are five ways you can celebrate Presidents’ Day:

1. Visit Mount Rushmore.

2. Visit the National Gallery, where portraits of Presidents and first spouses are on display.

3. Read a presidential biography like President Barack Obama’s A Promised Land.

4. Visit Mount Vernon, President George Washington’s homestead.

5. Watch a presidential biopic like the recent American Crime Story: Impeachment about President Bill Clinton.

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