Top 3 DIY Projects Every Family Member Can Participate in During the Ongoing Pandemic

With the recent election, many have found distraction from the ongoing pandemic. Now that the election is finished (for the most part), the reality of social distancing has started setting back in, causing ongoing stress and anxiety to almost every family across the nation. With varying safety protocols and restrictions being imposed, an increased number of people are looking for ways to alleviate the strain. Below are a few ways to help the situation.

1. Try indoor or outdoor gardening

Start small and break into the wonderful world of gardening! Gardening for food production is not only beneficial to the environment (in contrast to the carbon footprint created by livestock), but it is also a well-known way to boost your mood. For small spaces try growing basil, oregano, or chili pepper. Palms, rubber trees, and fiddle leaf figs are great if you want to accentuate parts of your home. Outdoor gardening provides amazing benefits from Vitamin D and is a rewarding activity as well as affordable to do.

2. Decluttering and make DIY home improvements

Now is definitely the time to declutter your home. This no-cost way of improving your overall well-being also benefits those looking to refinance by helping you get a favorable appraisal value. If you think it’s hard to let go of what you own (or hoard?), consider Marie Kondo’s simple yet bold advice: it’s time to toss if it no longer brings joy to your life. Then try some of these easy home improvement ideas!

3. Create personalized greeting cards and snail mail them

It just takes a few taps and clicks nowadays to send a message but in the process we’ve lost the warm feelings associated with writing and receiving a handwritten note. A recent New York Times article revealed that writing a letter and sending it through snail mail has helped numerous people “meaningfully connect” with their loved ones during the pandemic. Now is a great opportunity to unleash your artistic side and truly express yourself in writing. Check out YouTube and Pinterest if you’re looking for ideas and inspirations on how to create personalized greeting cards.   

The silver-lining of quarantine

Yes, many of us have suffered from the stress and anxiety associated with the pandemic but a recent study also found that two-thirds of Americans think the uncertainty has made them discover new hobbies and made them a better person. In the commissioned study conducted by OnePoll, 70 percent of the respondents said they learned more about themselves during the quarantine period. For the other 1/3 of us, let’s get crafty and stay creative!

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