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American Eagle Mortgage (AEM) is a premier mortgage lender in Ohio, Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina.  AEM has specialized in providing FHA and VA lending solutions for new home buyers since its founding in 2000.  The Company has had minimal exposure to the aggressive lending practices implicit with the subprime debacle.  In 2011, AEM had their best year ever.  AEM opened up new offices, conservatively increased their production staff, and had both revenue and a profit exceeding our previous year’s forecast.

Headquartered in Lorain, OH, the company has grown to multiple offices in the following states: Ohio, Florida, Georgia and South Carolina.  The lending team is comprised of over 60 experienced and proven mortgage lending officers.  The entire team, including operations, production and support staff total over 100 employees.

AEM is poised for significant growth in the future due to the expertise in FHA/VA lending.  As the conventional mortgage lending markets have contracted over the past several years, this has created a significant opportunity for the growth of FHA/VA lenders such as AEM.



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